The Libra

"Dare i say it"
Mother speaks
laying a blanket
Of Cinnamon Pancakes
With honeyed syrup
and a fly
pinned to the top
"This is my gesture of love"
I eye it with discontent
Pancakes before our normal
Breakfast time
My stepmothers attempt
at Friendship
once more
Flawed and imprecise
Like her
Pancakes with a fly
On top
No jewellery
Of stainless steel
Diamante earing pods
No hemmed skirt
For a little Princess
Olden style
Elizabeth Taylor Iconique
Pancakes with Honeyed Syrup
and a smile
A semi nude
Coffee skinned woman
in a blue velvet Gown
waterfall midnight hair
And eyes like starlets
"You are getting to know me," i extend
"I will keep the damsel as a souvernir,"
For she has negotiated her way
into my house
This coffee skinned woman
Her libran scales of balance
Providing new
seasons of comfort


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