Search engine optimization is about optimizing your site so the search engines can find you, thus potential clients. The amount of people online looking for your particular product, at a particular time will blow your mind.

Which sites do they visit to acquire the product your selling? who are your competitors. Be a regular visitor on your leading competitors website, or blog sites, what meta tags did you type in to find them, the simpler the language, the more accessible, the more your guaranteed a result? Are you actively using social media to engage readers, and your niche.Search engines are like little spiders plucking a keyword here, and a keyword there.

Are you practicing your pitch and selling the strengths of your product. How can it fit easily into their lives? Are you a marketing comp;any that provides an online consultation service, a branding company that is aware of the key themes or questions asked by your target audience on the forum. Lets not call them simply your target audience, lets define them distinctly as your network. Affiliate yourself to the blogs and the sites of the local giants in your industry, save them as your favourites, post regular comments on their site, offering creative ideas for customers to improve their lifestyles and expand their brand. How easy is it to navigate around your site? How easy is it to build a customer client base, can you do this through webinars, seminars. Even if you simply have a blog, use google web analytics and the key word tools. As great a platform as blogger is, what i find useful about the wordpress platform is that blog posts are synchronised to your social media sites. You can choose to easily upload a post to facebook, or tweet it on twitter. Provide a series of articles which hook your audience in as their navigating through the internet, Top ten ways to make your fortune in ebook publishing, top fifty sites that help you build traffic, top 100 social media sites that are guaranteed to help you monetize your site.

Have a strategy. It's a mental monopoly, cash in on all those little ideas that inspired you in the first place to start your business, website or blog. What schemes are available? What events can you go to to network, for example meetup, and eventbrite have some spectacular events that guarantee you are networking and showcasing your portfolio. Use sites like stumble upon.

Get into active discourse or debates about a subject that is a key theme of your business, do you sell cleaning agents? Help people with disabilities, provide an information resource service for startup blogs and websites about the best monetization apps, and affiliate programs. Have a regular newsletter you send out or a mobile opt in site that appears on your page, request for emails or a contact number, offer to teach a seminar on product branding and how to produce the best business plan. Whatever people are looking for? There always has to be money behind it, information on funders, maybe startup companies where their guaranteed to get work experience. You have to become an expert in your field and in order to become that expert, you have to be willing to do intensive training. Produce a list of the most searched brands in your industry, why are people searching for these brands? Needs far surpass wants, human beings are emotional searchers.They want access as quickly as possible, and are determined to invest their funds in order to get results. Buy one get one free, save on the product your getting, Coupons for a trial of your product if it really is going to help them solve a problem. You are consistently trying to help your audience solve a problem, by thinking about their wants and their needs and using backlinks, cpc, ppc, streams or avenue affiliate marketing, providing a distributor network, offering games and prizes, inviting people to be part of your lottery


Structure it like a business plan. Brainstorm it. Why? Why should they come to your site when some other site is ranked higher. The more active your site is, the more interactive, the better your brand. Your not simply selling your vision, your offering assistance, you may be offering financial growth. List all the websites and blogs you visit regularly, provide a job noticeboard, guest posting an opportunity to showcase themselve and their brand or ideas on your site. People are constantly looking for an avenue in, an opportunity, a chance to start and build a platform for themselves. Utilise Triond and hub pages write regular articles on your topic, but studies have shown human beings are most responsive to links, have a database of info, a web of contacts you contact daily, and the net will hyperlink you, making it appear as though you are affiliated with that brand . most leading brands have a blog, you can video blog and acquire ideas for topics on youtube, vimeo,

have a target a list of numbers you hit daily. Get hootsuite it makes your post to social media highly effective, which means your brand gains more influence in the media. Request to write for an online magazine, or setup your own one to offer audiences the opportunity once again to become closely affiliated to you, offer an online journal so people can track your progress online.Regularly updating them on facebook and your twitter feed. Design promotional images of you at key events. Do an online certified award corse to add more gravitas to your discussions, make sure their topics most of your niche are experiencing.

offer an ebook

play a game i invented called musical presentation chairs, this is quite ingenious, most people are terrified of public speaking, they say its worse than death. During network scenarios people often stay located in a particular area, have motivational music playing in the back ground, something that relaxes them or gets them excited, mentally people have to feel as though their in a place of comfort to network, and pitch effectively. Ensure they are interacting with everybody in the room, remove a chair, the small community your building has to be in constant rotation. Conversating, sharing ideas, remove a chair. Last person has to pitch their business and why they started it in the first place. This is to show you marketing is done not just online, but offline as well. How many people do we know who have brilliant ideas, but lack the confidence to promote them. It need not be done outside you can do this on V seminar, google hangouts. What are the themes of your brand? How can you add polish to an already declining brand? What is your unique selling point, of your blog, or your website? Do you supply a bespoke service, or provide special offers for people

Target audiences are not just audiences, statistics, their individuals, find out their facebook details contact them regularly offering them positive feedback on their work. Human beings love to know about themselves, they love to talk about themselves, so create a community forum where they can. Where they can engage in active debates, pursue their own thread of contacts, and drive traffic their way.  A lot of traffic means, a high financial conversion rate. follow the news on whats trending about the different countries that follow your blog or your site. Encourage people to step out of their comfort zone, understand the psychology of the human mind. The easiest way they can do it, they will. It saves them time, they can get on with their other affairs, offer them guest blogging or freelance opportunities, a mentoring scheme that guarantees they can engage with you regularly.Then find out the highest paying words and incorporate them into your content.  Make sure you have google adsense codes on your site along with chitika, and be posting up to 100 blog posts a day. Some may be small others a plateful, but a tidy proportion of posts tells the search engine you are updating your site regularly. Search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, love, the hardworking, targeted information sites. They rank very highly, notice the leading sites are always interactive.Each person is an avenue, i will discuss this in the next post

Each person is an avenue.


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