How to make your million

Your here to remind them why they shouldn't quit, business of all things is deeply about psychology. If they invest in your programme or your scheme, there's no guarantee it will change their lives, if they set up payable links from third party affiliate companies, theres no  guarantee they will recieve the same payout as the next guy cpc, and ppc dont produce positive results for everyone, yet your scheme, your brand can change their lives, and if they become proactive, consistent, and push through when their not seeing instant returns. Everybody wants to be a millionaire, yet your job is to remind your audience that whatever niche their in, if you can make one pound of passive income, you can make one million. Look at your site objectively, where are your ads positioned? How can you use the space to offer more advertising opportunities through banners, a noticeboard where you advertise jobs in their area? Information is free, yet information is also very expensive when marketed the right way.

Your target audience require a service. You are to solve a problem that remains consistent within their lives. Without problems, there would be no solution, so whether its an online focus group, a survey, via a telephone interview, you need to know enough about your audience to understand what makes them tick. Each person is an avenue of networks, the most powerful tool in business is not branding, or affiliate programmes, its network marketing and word of mouth. Positive word of mouth, customers can either sink your business, or express how useful it has been to them. Know who not to piss off, that is your client, because you want more than money from them, If you think its just money you want that's why your failing in business. We all have capsules of time. You want some of their capsules, you want them to be hooked. Have useful tips tricks and ideas ready for them if they subscribe to your premium newsletters, offer upgrades

Look at your competition, just dont become absorbed or intimidated by them. Offer resource information which may give them access to a better life, better contacts, and fresher opportunities.


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