How does
It feel to be urban?
An urban smile
Some urban shoes
A saxophone
Trumpeting urban blues
Scuffle of flesh
Flash of a knife
Whip of a gun
For Urban life
For where you 
A pity 
To it
These ' brown' adventures
Don't occur
Your filtered life
Your tidy blur
The postcard in the shop
This urban callously
Never stops
With urban feet
And urban toes
And urban friends
With urban foes
Outside the box
Of packaged things
Your pointed frame
Your school boy dreams
Bonjour monster
Ill braid my hair
Produce a swagger
A string on a wire
But when it's place
Ment time
I will get hired
For ill take out the 
Snakes that gravel
My skeleton
Produce a campaign
Ready for election
You see urban
And urban feet
Their microwaved
But plates don't fit
You tie the laces
And collapse
Perhaps simple roots
Speak little of mishaps
Like mummy 
I scraped my knee
And daddy
Their bleeding me
Of all my 
They over tax
Being urban
Comes with
Underlying facts


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