This is you

I stood still, 
for you 
Time couldn't, 
She's like clockwork. 
You're not. 
I've wasted 3,656 days on you 
Work it out 
It's a troubling equation 
An ideal, 
Holding idealist hostage 
A crack heads illusion, 
Tainting realities fate, 
Hope was brown eyes, 
Sparkling with charisma 
You were the speech, 
The gypsies promised. 
You were the speech
The gypsies promised
We dreamt of things 
United in our failure 
A fading bliss 
The world would punish 
We left salt in our mouths. 
We left salt in our mouths 
We marched corners of 
A postcard 
Grinding our teeth 
Roaring oxygen out 
Clothes have been folded 
For over a year 
Folded clothes have been here 
for over a year 
I hold my breath, 
You have nothing left, 
This is the you 
I should have met.

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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