The themeparks

Oil painting
skidding on ice
Things would be nice
If hope had its tastebuds
Little green men
Circle your head
Tiptoeing with rugged
silk blade instead
Cast a shadow
Upon life's tracks
The chaos of windmills
taking you back
To pain delicious
A tongue could taste
How battered shadows
shouldn't go to waste
Themepark of life
Karaoke song
Would i belong
To the heart that
 betrays you
Fight or flight
navigate still
with crushed toes
that never move
at will
Feathered tongue
with whispered pillow
I am your organ
and your volcano,
I am the tribe
to carousel
This damaged
evaded hell
and for you
id do
much more
than two
of words
that ache
cooked dough
that bake
ready to arise
and still,
i am here at
your every will


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