The real embarrassments

Society seems to be full of idiots who want to tear you down but demand your respect, your validation, secretly they want you to like them. Do.disappoint. fear and respect are two different things, you need and so do they to u.understand, someone who fears you can one day take a bullet to the back of your head, respect warrants that they don't. Little Hitler's are all about destroying your confidence, piece by piece, then begging you to like them. They will do anything and everything to get your attention, once they do, they'll hate you because they had to try so hard. Here it is in a nutshell, respect is earned. Priceless, and irredeemable once it's lost. When we loose respect for people we hate them twice as much as those who wronged us, because once upon a time we had respect for them, now it's all but dissipated into thin air. You look at them with eagle eyes, because now you really can eat them alive,barring their principles as they have none.


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