The abuser

Look behind you
I seek to find you
I sniff the leather
Upon your shoe
When I own you
When I've bound 
They'll grit their teeth
At what ill do
For all those
Watchful owls
Downgrade my smile
Into a scowl
Your telegraph
Thick hands will pluck
Mouth shall never
Run amuck
Cocoa bee
You belong to me
I tatooe kisses
On your skin
Upon the wing
We're on the fringe
Of leaping past the 
Ill knit you 
A tail
Of razor gold
Each needle prick
The blood behold
The pricelessness
Of world's
Now dimmed
Charcoal with milk
Just let me in
For I am butter
Melting oil
Make no sound
Likes rasping foil
Within your skin
Ill tiptoe in
They tell you
I don't own you


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