Shit in air

Courage smells like shit in the air, 
It makes people nervous, 
It makes people fear 
How dare you 
In this life, 
Be proud of your self 
How dare you be tall, 
When your only an 
How dare you be brave 
And fantastic in dreams 
When they all wanna follow 
Life stitched to the seams. 
With all your noises, 
I have my choices, 
In the wrong part of town, 
We don't get Down, 
Keys in old jeans pocket, 
Tupac in heat, 
I was so sweet, 
When you needed to hear me, 
No complainer, 
This is a fucking 
No Brainer, 
Walk the plank 
For your fear is stank, 
I will be all 
I was meant to be, 
If I am anything, 
I'm a testament of me.

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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