Sell Yourself

Sell yourself; 
The man says; 
I am twitching 
My fingers nervously; 
I am slowly gasping for breath; 
Inside I am a mouse 
Suffocating in a holeless jar; 
Outside I have square eyes 
That look upon him with challenge; 
I am tired 
Of people buying me; 
I am tired of 
Standing here, 
In an overpriced 
Business Suit; 
I am not what you ask of me; 
I am not the alligator 
In the bowl of Chilli; 
I am a writer; 
With a soul so deep; 
I am a writer 
With a heart so soft; 
I am a writer; 
With a mind so dear; 
I am not here; 
To build with concrete; 
Another man's dreams; 
I am not here; 
To sell my soul;

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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