Looking For

Not a man 
Whose tall and dark, 
And has no spark, 
Pretty face, 
With pretty eyes, 
Pretty shoes, 
And pretty ties, 
Flashy clothes, 
And flashy cars, 
Flashy things, 
Hide who you are 
Not a beauty 
In his sight, 
Not a man, 
Who awes 
his might, 
Not a man, 
Who'll love myself, 
Or comfort, 
And keep myself. 
Are not the heart of me, 
My rock, 
And not my tree, 
Not the shoulder, 
For me to lean, 
Not the one, 
Who'll keep me mean 
And gone, 
Many times before, 
I was whom 
I was searching for.

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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