Is he wife material?

We live in a society that constantly keeps women on their toes, we are still judged twice as harshly as men, although the workplace proports to bring opportunities to us, and many men complain there are more women being employed by men, in some workplaces, men actually acquire a higher wage for taking the same course of action. Doing the same tasks, and trying to create the same social progression. This is not another i hate men rant, i believe some women are tyrants for this. Yet this is a question that has been on the back of my mind for years, why do i always have to wait for you to pick me, so im not considered a slut, a whore, desperate, over eager, a bunny boiler, because i dare to be excited Why are we not trying to figure out whether your marriage material or not. I call this Gender hypocrissy, before i need to fix my hair or weave in a certain way, wear a certain dress, buy a certain type of shoes that meet the balance of classy and sexy. If you are so much about Class why is the pornography industry a multi billion dollar selling industry? If your so scared to be tied down, why do you waste the time of so many women, who ultimately have expectations of someone validating them in the role of a partner. Why is it that you have the same features as me, yet i am judged twice as hard for having similar flaws as you? Why do you talk about standards, when as soon as the first plain jane with big breasts and a big ass puts on a bit of lipstick all your standards go out the window? Why do you call me the old ball and chain when you're evading your own loneliness, finding a partner who builds you up,who cooks for you when your hungry, who sits with you and holds your hand, when you are sick, who helps you produce a plan when all your peers have written you off? Let me ask you a question, to the man who thinks he's too pretty to visit a grown woman's standards, who thinks connection is all about sex rather than intimacy, who believes women should curtsy because he was part of some genetic lottery that no one but god could control. What makes you think, with all my flaws, your good enough for me?


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