Would chase me on my way home, 
That bastard was quick, 
And he could surely run, 
When I dashed away to hide, 
He was there grinning, 
Right at my side, 
So I glanced, 
Then quickly sprint 
I had no courage, 
To stare, 
And face fear, 
With his evil glint, 
In his dilapidated eye. 
So I bolted, 
And then I cried, 
I cried because, 
I had to face that bully, 
But would I regret it, 
And then be sorry, 
So I waited 
And hid, 
For him to surface, 
For that coward to show his rotten face, 
Then I grit my teeth, 
And with all my knowledge, 
I spluttered right in his face. 
So I ran again. 
He was too tough 
At the time, 
While my shoulders were sunken 
His neck was up high, 
Then I saw him, 
On my way to the shop, 
He was whistling and my 
Heart just stopped, 
He winked, 
His cocky wink, 
I thought 
And now 
I think, 
That I and fear, 
Should have a conversation, 
Possibly about 
My confidence abrasion, 
So one day, 
When he was on his own, 
I sneaked behind him, 
And touched his arm, 
"I hear you've been waiting for me so long," 
I think I shook him, 
For then he was gone.

Written by Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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