She said
This is how you make me feel
Nappy head
Too dark to love
Do I hide
My chocolate skin
And busy tendrils 
Like a glove
Do I suck in melon mouth
Deny the meals
Which warm the south
Do I change
My tilted slang
And deny the fact
I give a Damn
About your circus
These exaggerated mirrors
My essence disgraced
Do I bare 
My sharpened teeth
Or be aware self
Arrives with reef
I am no Santana
With bandanna
My polished words
They slick the floors
And when I 
Chew and spit
Them out
They sound
Just like yours
Is it bleach 
You need
Bleach to punish
The Zeus mould
For as Trojans 
Say behold
An army 
Is now looking
Do I wipe
Out history,
So you can
Stand with


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