Marry me
Because I am your left arm
It's selfish of you
I might come to harm
Rent out the white dress
Carve me a bed
Don't feed me lies
Like bullets
In my head
Marry me
It is the height of
My ambition
To creep up the
Broken yet docile
Eager for legal pad
Desperate to be
Mum and dad
Not virgin white
But Cherrie rose
For I am tainted
I suppose
Stained with your seamen
Worshipped at night
And temptress for sight
Float me a pigeon
Dressed like a dove
Don't eat those fairytales
In films
About love
Only marry
Your heinous
A crime scene
To watch
The one you didn't pick
Whose dreams you swapped
For the angry fist
Of a punishing
Be mine
Everlasting Valentine
A stretch mark
On your back
The shirt to
Your slacks
Marry me
And then you
Can watch me


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