Delicious depression


Do not distill,

my delicious depression
It pulses and rages
like an erection
jagged as blade
I may pivot and tilt
Sapping my orbit
A flower
I wilt
Do not distill
the deliciousness
of pain
sweat, blood
between your teeth
the heart
ant march feet
Nile eyes
Fingers that shock
Do i tell you
Of all my bad luck
Sit it in corners
Give it pipe to smoke
some matches
For cinnamon toke
Do not rip
it from me
its curled
as umbilical rope
Im hoping and coping
and living
on token
of others happy oxygen
This crusted foot
can barely stand
dont feed me ambition
or half baked plans
In this life
im already sedated
it's dated
that your grating
and waiting
Do not distill
my delicious depression
I strike
at its keys
sing loud an

Otatade Iseghohi Okojie,


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