poverty shrinks the brain

Wow, my defense to such nonsense as poverty shrinks the brain,poverty motivates us to engage the brain. The need to enter into a capitalist economy despite the complaints of Marxian terrorist, acts as a buffer for fear of rejection. Pushes us to work harder and strive to move forward. I  just saw a post which claims poverty shrinks the brain.

Poverty enhances the motivation  to succeed
Learn to hustle
Learn to connect with people outside their bracket
Hunger to succeed,
Passionate about actually doing the work, activate their potential
I'm not celebrAting poverty, or defending it as a lifestyle. But those who deal with poverty are aware it comes with depression,sometimes a chaos of emotions that cannot be controlled, homelessness, financial pressure,and there's some arrogant so and so preaching that poverty means someone is born smarter.what about the innately dumb self involved things celebrities do, the poor investments the rich make,it's bad enough for the working class and lower class having to deal with the financial loops tax evasion submitted to the rich.if lower earning households are so dumb why are universities offering students scholarships for their brilliance.


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