feminism and the emasculation of the man?

Is feminism emasculating men?

Are men feeling emasculated by women's tyrannical rants about equality, Many of us are aware some women are exaggerating the concept of an empowered woman. Do they feel their workplace is under threat because they believe women use their sexuality to promote themselves into high ranking positions.  Do they feel as though women have the monopoly when choosing partners and looking at sexual advancement,

Women have more options because of online dating sites, networking forums, with prejudice and misogyny in particular work places, freelance opportunities have  given rise to the freelance woman. in schools your women are statistically acquiring higher grades and
Financial schemes have been put in place to assist young women.

socially we need to pay attention to the fact that women are still being unfairly dismissed, there is still an abundance of broken homes run by single parents. The cost of this. The damage being the children are isolated from a part of their bloodline. This missing male presence has psychological gender effects. if the single parent is working they are often in the poverty bracket, middle class. With less time there is some sort of emotional distance between them and their child. We live in a society where women are taking on the role of the male and female.

it is difficult to detach from these binding roles, an invisible secret which has been well protected. The question is are women who are against these roles ejaculating the men around them, or has society become so politically correct were walking on our tiptoes.


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