walkie talkie

Say it with your walk
Crow it from
Your neck
I'm black. I'm proud
So what the check
I am not a dot in space
A self with no vision
A ghost erased
Say it with your
In royal skin
Kings and queens live
Their lights unsigned
For the world to
Or trap souls in a cage
Make you perform
On a glass shattered stage
Say it with your walk
And crow it from the roof
I am the proof
Brown skin is indestructible
Our features are art
Our chorus untouchable
Let me sing you a song
Of shackles and chains
Then tell you I'm free
Many years later
Existing beyond the sale of
The rock
I am present in my house
And immaculate
With a clock
Nudge my shoulder
My bones are strong
I was a lion
All along.

Otatade iseghohi okojie


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