let me love you

Let me love you
Spoon feed me lies
This delicious at
Holds much surprise
For guts that clench
And throats that screech
And painful lessons
That life Roth teach
Paint watercolours
With canvassed oils
Share with me
Your tainted spoil
For truth never
Licked saliva tongue
It hides in shade
Where things stay
Let me love
You Mozart man
A composition
No violin
To tell the gods
It is a sin
That shame itself
Needs comfort to hold
And damaged armies
Need soldiers to mould
Life turns to mold
Then you feel the rot
In the steps you choose
The cobbler tells shoes
Your such bad news
Let me love you
And ice our dreams
Then loose my ring
I'll cool the steam
Let me love you
For love has to find
Just one of us


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