Ghost boy cotton

The lonely girl
coiled in cotton
Oh how you detest
in your head
Excited noise
mermaids in the water
are all playing dead
For onions that
smile doth reek of hate
They celebrate
and then they wait
Pick your skeleton
toothpick from pick
As body lays
On floor now licked
With grooves arriving where skin was
Confidence stumbles with
ease of mood
I ask the numbers
I count the friends
Who stood the test
till bitter end
and battle dimmed
when rods were dropped
and legs now limped
counting numbers
A wolf or sheep
Your shaded self
Your perfect keep
We are all a contradiction
minds plagued with fears
and much affliction
as we lean towards the line
One day dreams
Will turn out fine.
The clouds will hum
a rum tum tum
Oceans dispel
a moses comes
yea though i
walk in valley of dreams
I clutch the stars
which tastes like cream

Otatade Iseghohi Okojie


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