doth my eyes decieve me? self hatred permeated ( black women?)

I'm sorry this seems like exactly what they say their not? Male chauvinism at its worst. Men who feel worthless spreading their toxic message to everyone. Not all black.women have a nasty attitude, I feel as though this brush is used to paint us and stereotypically alienate us from society as the diverse individuals we are. A few black women have experienced going through the phase when they argue. Their done with black men, tired of being put down, let down, hurt, ridiculed,and it's the same for black men. As a society we go through our changes, mood swings, rejection is a very painful pill to swallow, yet even greater is disappointment. Black men, and not all of them have a rabbit of drawing out some women's insecurities, some women have their guard up, and sometimes we automatically put our guard up, because some men not all men are known for putting fairer skinned women, or women from other ethnicities on a higher tier. The assumption is that were arrogant, and yet there are these characters or difficult women in every race or gender. I believe the media promotes warped exaggerations of how a black woman is, how we talk, act, speak and this can be exaggerated. More to the point there are some idiots who see these warped annhilations of a black woman's character, and perform it in their daily lives which they believe validates being black. Yet how do they know whether or's an angry Caucasian man writing the script, or someone brought up with false beliefs. There are those imbeciles who perform being black, refusing to acknowledge we are a diverse pallet. For example why is an educated or well.spoken black woman seen as trying to.act white, or being a know it all,and.trying too.hard, she is then ridiculed and treated at.times with distance as though they are so important she'll turn into the f.b.I on.them. people are completed, although one might argue in the defense of these mens attitude you do have some sharks, guess what though I believe black women are held to a higher decree we are more heavily judged,  Look at the rates for single or unmarried black women, the idiots who facilitate these ideals end up broke and selling a sad story, attitude and spunk are two completely different things, attitude and character are two completely different things. There are approachable black women, who are very intelligent, well rounded, and successful. No matter what gender or race people have a tolerance level for fools. I once had a woman define me as ugly because I was dark, it was a black family who consistently called me racist names like monkey, and actuallybullied me to the point of harassment,continued this because not only was I not going to the police, they had a fair skinned son who thought he was superior because of his lighter shade. As I received insults and abuse regulArly, I realised something key. I wasn't ugly for being of a darker hue, and ugliness really is on the inside. I've seen girls called ugly their whole school life, and then with much growth, they find themselves a partner and are in a loving relationship, they have character traits that someone finds worthy enough to date. We are not all your ex girlfriends, or the angry baby mother, who actually does have a right to demand support for the children ' son's not all. Take pride in yourselves ladies and understand that in order for people to have a positive experience with us,  we have to allow them to engage with the individual not the stereotype
We are all.beautiful in our own unique ways,yet some of us are still rough diamonds.


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