black girl

Freedom of speech
Doesn't equal freedom of bleach
Rodents will tell you
Charcoal shouldn't choose anything
The darker you are
The further from dreams
Tell those roaches
They know not anything
Black is beautiful
A composition
Of many shades
Black girl
Don't be afraid
Of declining culture
The torrent of youth
People feeding you history
Not speaking the truth
Lift your head
For you were blessed
This way
Grin at the flaws
The Judas they say
For black is history
Freedom informed
We bowed through
And lost our limbs
We're crucified on crosses
Whipped near half dead
But our line continued
Stand proudly instead
Let a fool
Call you monkey
No brain to engage
No claim to fame
A devil that's lame
For poison tongues
Will choke themselves
And eat the vomit
Therein lies their words
The deaf always speak
That the blind
Never heard
For beauty
Is as diverse
As climate far stretched
God sat with a pen
Your beauty was etched.


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