When someone turns on you

Image by Noukka

The surprise when someone turns on you can be devastating. It can be hurtful, painful, it can break your heart. You can move on with swift feet, no matter how much the arrow hits the chest. Three things are guaranteed In life. You live, you die, you get disappointed or heartbroken. When someone turns on you, it's informing you, they are doing you the greatest favour of all time, they are telling you exactly what they are and showing you. Why they may not actually be the right perso for you. .They would waste your time. They would damage your hopes, you could be laughing and happy with someone better, someone made of stronger stuff, someone who you could experience real love with.  Someone who would be joyful of your happiness, and celebrate alongside you. Even if they were scared of being left behind, they would take action and build themselves up rather than tearing those around them down. Happiness is so important. Hold unto yours with everything you have.


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