Tearing down the towers: Bitter people and keeping your distance

Image by ctrl alt Aubrey

People who tear others down are never happy. They may be amused, or amusing, but happiness is homeless within their circles. If you find yourself driven by a circle of people who only fraternise by belittling others, or get a real sense of joy by making others feel bad, find yourself a new group of people to associate with. If you have family members like this and you don't agree with their behaviour tell them you disagree. Your aim is not to be the one to fix their behaviour, it's to let them know you know what's behind it. Jealousy. It is easy to go along with the crowd. Sometimes we do it because we love them and we know what their good qualities are, the reality is though. One day they will do it to the wrong person and find themselves in the worst situation. Do you stand back and secretly gloat because you knew what they were like all along, or do you sing their victim swan song with them? Simply put, we are who we associate ourselves with. If we associate ourselves with bitter catty people, we become bitter, catty and synical without realising. Faited is never outdated. Pick your friends wisely. Keep the catty and their sharp claws at a distance because one day, they will turn them on you, and then.....what will you do? After all.....you could have predicted this.


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