Staying positive against negativity

image by donttellme

In life when you spot a car about to skid and crash into your car, if you have the option, you divert the car to safety. It's the same when you sense you are up against a hater or a toxic person that's
out to sabotage. If you even get a hint that their out to afflict pain, despite the clever smiles, run for the hills.jealous people with an agenda are like Grizzly Bears that always bear their teeth.
Yet it is important to not live in a constant state of paranoia or fear that everyone is out to get you. Everybody has the ability to turn into a negative nancy. Focus on something positive, think of the top ten positive things that first come to your head when you first wake up.

1)  Your favourite food
2) A holiday your going to go on or you plan to go on
3) The look and feel of your new appartment or house when you get it
4) The jokes and laughter you'll get from watching your favourite comedy
5) The feel of driving your brand new car
6) Shopping for that outfit you love
7) Your favourite drink
8) Someone you love or like
9) Going on your first date with someone extraodinarily attractive, Fun,loving,compassionate
10)Maybe even your favourite shopping mall

Whatever happens keep smiling


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