Right feeling, wrong guy: How to know if your dating the right guy

image by dae mon1

Many of us have been here, your so in love with a guys potential, you ignore the simple fact that it may not work. When a relationship doesn't work it frustrates us beyond belief. Sometimes we hang on for dear life hoping that we can fix them and in turn we will fix ourselves. Someone once told me you learn a lot of life lessons from the relationships you have and the ones you find yourselves in. You learn your trigger points, you learn what turns you on, what turns you off, what excites you, what makes you absolutely livid and absolutely crazy. If you find you are in a relationship that is less joy and adventure, more misery,abuse,over analysis or frustration.it's time to move on. Just because in your ideal world you guys were not the perfect fit, doesn't mean the right person isnt out there hoping you'll give them a chance. What is the right person? I've learnt that the right person is someone who respects not just your strengths but does not glorify themselves during your weak points. You learn a lot about people's character when you make a mistake. What does your loving caring partner do when you fall, do they advise and support you? Or do they use it as an opportunity to burst into a monologue about how great they are, and how they would have never made that same mistake. Trust your instinct. Are you around someone who specialises in making you feel small, or are you around someone who is happy to watch you excel and grow. How would they feel if the next day you became extremely successful at what you do? Highly desired? Popular? Ask yourself the right questions, and then if you are in the wrong situations be ready to move on. There's a question that is always a one size fits all question.....am i happy? What are the factors?


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