Ridding rejected feelings

The charm offensive. The dashing smile. Most of us embrace a smile, it's welcoming. It's open body language, it says, 'i'm inviting you into my world.' Or sometimes we smile just to be polite. Then there's the pushed out smile, when you can't stand someone but you push your cheekbones up like you have lemons in them, and appear to be as 'friendly' as you could muster....for that individual anyway. What if you really like someone though and you can't seem to read their body language? What if two plus two equals four with everybody else but with this person your wondering if it equals ten million. You learn a lot about someone's character when you take a risk on them? Not the superficial admiration from afar type of quality, but the i've placed myself in a vulnerable spot, although it is very important to keep your dignity in tact.

image by xbassxharmingx

Wether your rejected, or accepted. You want to still like yourself when you look in the  mirror. If you are bonding with the guy of your dreams, and in a smoothe moment, you lean over and attempt to give him a kiss, or ask him out and get the most brutal rejection you've ever experienced in your life. You want to be able to lift your head up, keep your back straight and walk with pride.

There are some gorgeous girls out there, who are not celebrated, they reach out to the guy they like who can't actually see them for the jewels that they are because sadly, men can be quite shallow. They get rejected and find out the guy is going for the next hottest topic, or the most popular, or well known girl, guess what? Shuffle your feet and keep on stepping. Women are more emotional
creatures and maybe i'm speaking from my own perspective but we tend to see real qualities more. For example a woman is more likely to like a guy because she believes there could be a real connection there, he seems warm, he's kind, he's a great communicator, he makes you want to talk more to him and embrace him on a deeper level, with some guys sadly it can be very surface, and they learn the lesson too late. What's likely to happen is the girl they didn't like get's rejected by them becomes super super hot. If she's smart she decides to build her confidence, goes after an even hotter guy that's less shallow, and ends up extremely happy. Do you get my drift?

So when you as a gorgeous woman comes across a guy that doesn't decide your for him. I mean i reached out to a guy who i was convinced liked me, only to hear back that he was telling everybody he knew how 'ugly' he thought i was and how flawed he thought i was. He seemed like such a nice guy. It wasn't his looks because i didn't find him good looking, it wasn't his personality because he was never my type....he just seemed like a really nice guy. Boy was i wrong. Sadly i needed to make a stupid mistake so i could personally see what i couldn't see clearly. Now i look for qualities you can actually see.


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