Reacting to Rejection

image by Gavade

Rejection sucks. Especially when you feel rejected by someone you pursued because you were vulnerable. Sometimes in life we make silly choices. Investing in the wrong type of people for all the wrong kind of reason's. Vulnerability, fear, loneliness, poor judgement. Luckily for us,sometimes mistakes can be rectified. Whatever the reason, there are over eighty million people on Earth. As lonely as you felt at the time, or needy, or deflated, there are people who want the changes you want and will support you in that goal. People who will laugh with you, love your dry wit and poor humour, all those quirky things about yourself that make you question if you deserve affection. Life is too short. Have fun. There's no need to chase after ghosts, allow yourself to move forward. Enjoy yourself, you only live once. If you reach out to someone and they reject you, they are saving you time. Someone once said to me. Money you can always get back, millionaires and billionaires waste their money, squander it sometimes, and  it's retrievable; yet when we waste our time, it is something we can never get back. Invest your time wisely. It is the one thing in life which appears as though it cannot be recycled.


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