People pleasing and why no doesn't make you an outlaw

image by: Heather Wallet Rivet

People pleasing is one of the hardest things to do in life. Sometimes we disappoint those we love when we step outside the bracket of validating their needs. The people who love you may become disappointed in you, angry, distant for sometime, but if the love is real, then it remains. The problem with people pleasing is we spend a lifetime saying yes, when sometimes we want to say no. With that comes a hint of resenntment, anger within ourselves, because we're too scared to say no. Scared of the rejection, the potential to be alienated, the sadness that comes with their hurt and anger, and the labels we might get. If someone is angrytalk to them and ask them what they need. If it's space give them the space and distance they require, but do not be afraid to say no. You said no for a reason. It wasn't because you hate them, or you were being cruel. You said no because yes wouldn't have been the right thing to say.


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