How to stop beating up on yourself

image by Kefirux

In this lifetime you will make mistakes. Mistakes that embarrass you, mistakes that damage your name, reputation, and sometimes even friendships and those we love. Lessons are always painful, but we need to learn them. We need to discover the most important thing of all, a bounce back mentality. Taking responsibility after you've made a mistake. Yet still claiming your victory. It's easy to beat yourself up constantly recycling the old measures and bad choices of the past. You did them. It's done now. It's time to move on. It's time to just be free of wounds that continue to chorus and persecute you. Yet when you step out into the street, every face you see, everywhere you go, there will be people that have made the same mistakes as you. Some have made even worse, some just keep making mistakes over and over and over again.

In life we come across people who judge others harshly. They live in immaculate glass houses and they don't throw stones, but boulders. That adds to us judging ourselves so intensely, determined to be perfect creatures. There is no such thing as a perfect person. Perfect people do not exist. Infact our flaws make us interesting. Our mistakes give us a story to tell. Stop beating up on yourself, you dont deserve it.


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