Help through happiness

image by Eredel

Let the happiness flow and fight to let the negativity go. If you are in the wrong place in your life, search dastardly for an exit. We deserve to be happy, life is tough enough without rotting in a place your not supposed to be just to keep others around you happy. It may take intensive hard work, attempting to accomplish the impossible. Impossible things happen all the time, dig deep for that inner core within yourself, the one that's interested in trying everything to make the change they want happen. Progress takes time, it takes work. It's all the little steps that people wont congratulate you for, hell, it's the things they wont even see. Find a way to be happy within yourself, and celebrate the little things you do because people may not know. That's okay. It's okay that they dont know. It's okay that they don't get how funny you are, likable, lovable, intelligent,flamboyant, they don't need to know, because in life there are some people who wont reap the benefits of your gift. Maybe your a good listener, have a generous heart, are kind and loving, be that for yourself,


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