Healing from humiliation

image by Kreamy

How do you not care when someone is trying to humiliate you? You realise the agenda behind it. Why are you significant enough to discuss? Parrot about, become a hot topic. Why do you even vaguely matter? For some reason, you do to them. Despite all the people who are better qualified, better looking, more confident, this person has decided you are their biggest competition. Well let them hate. Hsaters tell us, we are doing something right. They hate because there is something you have that their desperate to get a hold of. Maybe it's a quality, a strength, maybe it's a lot of attention. Whatever it is. Someone very insecure indeed has decided to put you on a pedastal and then topple it.Very, very, sad. Stay in your own lane. Oh my gosh. The  mistake i made once was indulging a negative person with negativity of my own. I chose to be defiant. Argue and argue and argue back....until i realised too late, it was a lot of wasted time. The time i'd wasted moaning, and whining about this person's poor behaviour was making me look like the hater. Step back. Disengage. Dont be dragged into the whirlpool of a very negative person's toilet drain chi, step away.  Decide within yourself that you are better than that, your time is valuable,and you wont be made to feel small.


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