Healing from hate

Bullying is like a virus. Those who have been bullied become the bully. Despite someone telling a lot of stories and spreading a lot of poison and gossip at one point i actually even became the bully by default. I was so infuriated. I thought it was so unfair. Then i realised, What am i fighting for. What on Earth am i fighting this person for? I was happy before i allowed myself to be embroiled in their miserable agenda. I could tell that they were an unhappy, discontent person, and they seemed to resent everybody else their own happiness. They seemed to be really cruel and almost take pleasure in seeing others miserable because they were, but the strength comes in your ability to deal with people as nasty as this.Keep your head up. The goal is to make you feel small , Remind yourself your a giant in your own mind. Speak positive things in your mind, smile, bless yourself, with a spirit of kind words and a warm heart. Counter negativity with positive words and positive experiences.


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