Fleeting five minutes: Understanding gossips, jealous people, troublemakers

image by lemogera

Often times we ignore the importance of the T word and what it says about someone's character. If someone acts untrustworthy to others, dont think your the special apple in the pie. They may have a history of gossiping and ridiculing people in order to get praise. People like this like to feel important, they like to have 'dirt' on other people's lives, and feel superior. You will spend a lifetime wondering what you can and cannot share with them. They are insecure, but more importantly they will be insecure at your expense. This doesn't mean guard yourself against everybody else in the world, this means. Chose who you deposit with more wisely. People like this often get their five minutes of fame, but after they've lost a true friend, or alienated someone they would have liked to get close to, they realise soon enough that five minutes of fame is all it is.


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