Establishing your ideals

image by hexdeflective

Ideals are such beautiful things. We dream of the holidays we'll go on , the cars we'll drive, the houses we'll live in. Coulds instead of shoulds. For our ideals to be realised it takes hard work. Hard work not glory work. Hard work is the work you get on with privately. Work that doesn't need a voice box. When I was younger even sometimes at present, I think the more you talk about it, whistle and sing; the more it gets accomplished. Here's a painful reality, talking isn't doing. Nobody is going to hit that goal, and do the work for you. The universe is testing us, she wants to see wether were all show and no go. If you are, or you have been. It's time to make a change. Then again, everybody in life has been a hypocrite. We talk out of our own excitement. Talking consistently about something, doing nothing about it, will ensure that nothing gets done. Commitment is realising that whilst your gruelling away you wont get that pat on the back. Sometimes you may be struggling on a product, and find that your being called a looser, being put down, made to feel small, inadequate, inferior. Yet in your heart you know that you are pushing and striving away. One day, that work will come to fruition. That hard work you put in that nobody saw, nobody respected, nobody got, will work out, and you will be filled with pride because you accomplished something spectacular.


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