Defeating your emotional demons

image by:PureblackLove

How do you defeat your demons? The greatest people in history had fear as a passenger in their lives. It was their best friend, it was their worst enemy. It saved them from facing nightmares they saw in bright day light, and kept them in a rigorous emotional circuit workout. The first step to facing our fears is admitting there's something there to be dealt with. Many of us go into a state of denial, and find ourselves in a heaving pile on emotional limbo. Wether you do it by yourself, with a partner or with a best friend. You have to fight back. Simple things like going to a group if your scared to confide in a friend, seeking out therapy, starting your own group. Shake up your life and fear will find it harder to attack you. Create a balance and work on emitting positive energy , around the people you love and others. Maybe you can start your own dinner group, meet up with old friends, create a new venture, whatever it is. Have fun doing it. Conquering a challenge makes it harder for fear to rest her feet.


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