Dealing with mixed messages

image by : Takemetoanotherplace

Mixed messages, the bane of dating for the single entrepreneur. If your giving your attentions to someone who is giving you mixed messages, it means that person is unclear. A house built on poor foundations cannot stand . In the long term there is one person guaranteed to get hurt, that person is you. Ask the person your interested in where you stand. If there actions continue to show you the opposite of their words, back away and decide to either focus on building your self esteem up, or entering that dating pool and finding someone better suited to you. Someone who knows exactly what they want.

Dont involve yourself  with a greedy gourder. Sometimes people like our affections and all the things that come with us, but dont want to sacrifice. They dont want to commit. How many women or men have been there. Youre constantly chasing someone who appears to be interested, yet when you really want them to step up, it's a completely different ball game. Focus on you, on building yourself up and building yourself esteem up, i say it time and time again. Our outer selves is just the shell, our inner selves are where our vulnerabilities lie, we must build ourselves up so were strong from within. That way its harder for the wrong type of people to come in and try and play games with us.

There is no shame in asking where you stand. If we dont ask the right questions, we dont get the right answers.


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