Dating: Time Reveals all

image by theycallmemuddy

Reading too much into things, goodness who doesn't when you really like the idea of getting together with someone. If they even blink twice your convinced their winking at you, or if their taking an alternative route thus avoiding you, your ego convinces you that their shy or they like you and are too nervous to bump into you. Denial is clearly not just a river in Egypt. Here are two reality checks , great to cash in. Even the shyest guy wants you to know ultimately that he's into you. Some shy guys may do absolutely nothing about their crush, but on a basic level they want to see you and they want to be seen by you. Wake up check number two what you may see as working in those deliciously inadequate fictional ideals may be a disaster in real life. All in all though what you may see as gutsy and adventurous the other person may see as over eager and desperate. Take the time to get to know your potential partner and then you'll know if they were worth the risk or not, as always...only time will tell.

The wrong risk will fill you with much regret. I took a risk on someone who was simply low class, vile and  quite response boy did i see what i needed to see. A cruel spirit. A guy with no self esteem, bored with his life, a follower with no leadership skills whatsoever, it was the wakeup call i needed, man did it hit me. Not only had i made the wrong character judgement and call, but there's just so much better out there. I should have built up my self esteem and went after a better man. The sad truth is though when your at a vulnerable point, you often make choices your not proud of. Forgive yourself all those choices. Forgive yourself the mistakes you've made and move on with your life. Oh yeah and sometimes its best to look more closely. Or as i should have done allowed things to reveal themselves. Let things naturally unravel, time shows all.


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