Choosing self confidence

image by eyehop

When I was younger love was the immaculate sketch from a well edited, and re edited manuscript. I learned through the pain of real life experiences. Romances or almost romances gone wrong, I was denying myself a freedom, an education, growth, whilst I rotted away in my own rage and self pity. I had made the worst type of investments, id invested in people I knew were wrong, hoping to get an expensive stock market portfolio. They were cheap characters, and I felt cheap, and over and over again i felt frustrated, because I was trying to be mr Majeika and turn plastic into gold. Choose you, above all else if your 'damaged' or 'hurt' or 'broken' in some way, focus on building yourself up. Freeing that self esteem that is buried beneath a pile of hostile crap. Take yourself shopping when your down, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, bubble baths, say positive affirmations about yourself, and celebrate the things you've accomplished even when your falling apart. Positivity brings strength , stay as positive as you can. Rebuild a belief in yourself and trap it in the ball of your hand.


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