The fight to stay happy

image by Squirsh01

Happiness.It's a fight. We have to fight to be happy, and when you are happy, you have to fight to stay happy, because your joy will carry you through many obstacles in your life. We fail when we give up on ourselves, and when you see only darkness you are destined to. People take for granted the importance of being happy. When i was younger and finding my feet, even until recently. I thought strength was all about being able to show people how angry you are, all that teenage angst, evolving into adult chips on our shoulders. I thought strength was the big mouth that hollers in the street, and the person who talks the biggest. Strength is so much more than that. Claiming your victory, holding unto your happiness, and outrightly refusing to let anybody steal your spirit. Happiness are the thoughts that we choose to focus on day in and day out. You are what you believe in. Your faith, your dreams, your ambitions, your essence, how many people do we allow to steal our happiness day in and day out. Your joy belongs to you. Even if your in the park on your own, out on the street, in your bedroom alone, wherever you are, wether you vocalise it, or speak it internally... claim it. Your joy is yours it belongs to you. "This joy is mine!My joy belongs to me." Laugh as loudly as you can, smile to every single person you meet, grin and celebrate all the little things. Live life with gratitude because your still here and your still standing. We will always cross paths with negative people that trigger our alarm systems, cross the street and hold unto your piece of mind. It's easy to engage with them, but when you do nobody ever really wins. Focus on building yourself up, staying positive and staying happy.


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