Taking on the talk

image by d4bmuiw

" People are always talking about you. You just don't always hear what their saying, " those are the famous words of Joel Osteen. It's hard work not letting the critics condemn our lives. It's tough. I went to a business networking event recently and completely choked. The fear of the gossips and what they would have to say about me, didn't keep me frozen in fear....it did worse than that. A belly deep panic began to rise in me, until I could barely breathe. I'd had a vision of myself being a smoothe mover and shaker, but because I felt like the cat amongst the pigeons, fear held me by the nostrils. You know what you say at a time like that. You remind yourself that there's always the next time. Not with arrogance, but with hope. You'll work out the kinks and prepare yourself for the glory of the next time. Mistakes are results within themselves. We learn and we pray we do better.

Dont kick yourself when your down.Instead dust yourself off and try again. Practice will make you more precise. It will build confidence, it will make you better, don't kick yourself, because you didn't orchestrate things to a precise plan. So you were nervous, you were scared, there's always the next time. Promise yourself that you will practice so next time you will perform better


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