Strength in numbers:Friends

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The loner mythology. Boy doesn't it look good in movies. The mysterious stranger, that's independant and is a law unto themselves, creates their own rules, and lives life according to their own moral code. In Hollywood films, their usually tall,dark, and sexy, in horror movies, their creepy, and have everybody in the neighbourhood walking on tiptoe. Nothing is ever chalkboard black and white, human beings are social creatures. It's nice to have someone to share your ideas with, your vision with, hopes, dreams, laughter, triumphs, failures. Reach out to someone positive today, connect with someone and share those qualities you take so much pride in. When we engage with others, the right type of others, we grow. Maybe you've been hurt, betrayed, let down, disappointed, degraded, bullied, or humiliated, there are millions of people out there in the world.Infact there are billions, trillions, and zillions, if you don't extend yourself. If you dont smile, and reach out with a humble heart, you will never know. Its easy to run. We get scared. Terrified of experiencing the same pain all over again so we play hide and seek with ourselves, as much as fear is your worst enemy, it can be full of such clever guise it can trick you into believing it's your best friend. That means you can be scared and have no idea your scared. "Your just being safe," you tell yourself, this isn't about fear, it's about protection. Yet those who dont seek to find never discover the answers their looking for.
Strength isn't about isolation. If it was all those multi million dollar corporations you hear about would all be run just by one person. They'd have no employees, and they may not even have acquired their full networth. All the different strands provide the various information. Support is about building a strong framework, a strong network around yourself. Sources you can tap into, resources that can assist you when your too vulnerable to help yourself. We need to learn from those around us and outside of ourselves. We need to know our strengths and improve upon our weaknesses.

It's cool to have those private moments to ourselves and not let everybody elses stuff filter in and drive us insane. Yet if you've made yourself chlaustrophobic because of fear and your a naturally social or outgoing person, start to reach out little by little.


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