image by dottydotcom

Happiness is not just about the image on the post card, or something you see on tv. It's gratitude, and the systematic appreciation of what you have around you. Giving love, thanks, sharing the peace you can find within and blessing those around you. It's the words you say in your self conscious, and what you utter into the universe.

People often say things like be grateful for small mercies. Indeed. Gratitude is the key to releasing many blessings in the universe. Celebrate all the little things you've taken for granted. The friends you joke with, the family that support you, if you work, the job you may be conflicted with but are glad you have, the vacations you've taken or are destined to take. The success you have accomplished, or are destined to achieve and accomplish. Find something awesome to smile or laugh about and grin till all you are is teeth, and booming energy.


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