Fighting Fallen thoughts

image by Grinch 7

Wow emotional relapse or what? We have moments where our self pity gets the better of us. Pity got the better of me yesterday, my eyes sweated out onions, and my smile needed a treasure hunt. Someone great once told me, failure is not something that happens instantaneously. It is a series of opportunistic regrets. I call these moments, the small moments. Where you get so caught up in what you could have done, should have done, who you could have forget who you need to be for yourself right now. There were times in my life where if you'd asked me, i could tell you in intimate minutia detail what i'd done wrong, where and how. Now though i believe in focussing on the things you are getting right. The things that fill you with pride and a sense of righteous self esteem day in and day out. Not because your getting the tap on the back that you deserve or the aggressive handshake, more so because you know who you are, and you respect who you are. It's easy to let other people strip us bare. People who dont even know us leave our walls barren sometimes, hollow, and at times we may even feel nameless. Yet in the darkness, be proud and upright in who you are. That true essence, that sense of self, that part of you that no one can steal or take away from you, because it belongs to belongs to you. Today, you are going to celebrate who you are. Simply because failure is not the final chord.


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