What's the difference between real love and infatuation

image by solmay

Real love is not guessing games. Your not questioning wether they'll call you back after your last sexual encounter, check to see if your alright, figure if they actually care. The simplest things show they are responsive. In an infatuation, most of the time you don't genuinely like the person, because you dont genuinely know the person. All you know is the ideals, and love fantasies you've created.

You imagine that they are this amazing person. They are the fabric of the woven threads of movies, books, comics even. Your super hero ideal versus the real. With infatuation we obsessively construct what we believe to be the perfect guy and combat or challenge anything that offends our mantra. Real love, takes work. It takes flaws, lots and lots of closeup flaws, it takes growth. With an infatuation you seem to be working against your partner, with real love, you are working together for a likely cause. You love each other rather than the idea of each other, and the concept of love.

We have to love ourselves first before we are able to see what real love actually is. We value ourselves, support ourselves, give ourselves the gift of encouragement before begging it from the wrong source.


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