Tackling your truth:Understanding your motivation

image by GraveUnicorn

What is your truth? As much as I talk about positive thinking. Life is more than positive thinking. You don't need just a strong mindset, you need a powerful strategy and you have to be willing to take the steps to make whatever you need happen....happen. For example someone's positive thinking and suddenly a car comes out of nowhere and runs them over. Positive thinking alone will not get you through that. Life is action and reaction. What is the next step?We have to consistently think about what follows? What do i do next.

What do you plan to do next? Write an album/ Write a book? Do a film/ Star in a play? Go after something you are passionate about. Take positive action. Talking and doing are completely different things. We can all see how beautiful that finish line looks, how beautifully polished how eloquently vanished, and clean it looks. Before it gets there, that takes work. Real hard work. Engage yourself in the doing, excite yourself for you are in the process of something phenomenal that may not just change your life, but the life of those around you. Focus, remain on point. Focus on other key things such as being happy. Your joy is imperative to the process, you are in the creative process, let your juices flow and indulge your senses.

What motivates you? Is it failure? The possibility of success, the potential to travel far to triumph, to test your capacity, and see your visions realised. Whatever your motivation, you need inspiration as fuel. For imagination. Read often, biographies. Autobiography's, be inspired by other people's journey's.


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