Snubbing the Snobs

image by Wolfentir

Snobs. How many of us have felt the bitter sting of being snubbed. We often can't see ourselves socialising with the person, liking what they like, having the same values and views as them. Yet sometimes the residue of being snubbed remains. We're angry because that person thought they were too good even for simple courtesies. Maybe we become hurt because we may have shared a confidence with that person, years later have that spat in our face by someone who doesn't understand our journey. It may not be what it seems. For years I was snubbed by someone only to realise it wasn't that she thought she was better than me, it was simply that she felt inadequate to me. Rather than reaching out in a positive light this very immature insecure person became hostile, like a boomerang I fired insults and cruelty right back. I have learnt a valuable lesson from that. Do not get dragged into someone else's emotional mire. Don't be knee deep in their nasty joy. If they snub you go about your own personal affairs an ant should not be made to feel as significant as a god. Misery loves company. People who feel bad about themselves always try and make others feel small, breadcrumb sized, broken, because in fact that is what they are.

These are not the type of people you will want to keep close to your heart. Therefore build yourself up with the right type of people. Positive, happy,strong, ambituos, kind, and most of all people who will not judge you for simply trying to live your life and making mistakes. In life we all make mistakes, and our harshest critics are ourselves. No critic needs a cheering squad. The part of you that needs to heal, needs self esteem and needs happiness requires a cheering squad.


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