Moving on from heartbreak in the new year

image by my goddess

In this new year learn a valuable lesson. Some people are off limits. It's not because their too good for you, but because simply put your too good for them. You may have pursued someone you thought had a good character, only to have the shades drawn in and the light shine through. They may have hurt you in the past, and your friends and family have a tough time wondering why you would even consider attempting to build a friendship. No worry, it's human nature. We often cling to what we feel is familiar. If someone provided us with love, or simply kind affectations when we felt absolutely worthless, lonely, hurt or confused, we remember them for that alone. Sometimes even if they've raked a stake through your heart, it's those moments that you remember. In this new year learn a timeless lesson we often forget to teach ourselves, you will always have you. No matter who lets you down, disappoints you, shocks and shames your heart, you will always have you. Appreciate yourself. Don't get brain washed with this myth that spending time on your own is all about loneliness. In privacy we have healing, self growth, a vision for success. You are a beautiful butterfly neatly encombassed in the soft cotton of a cocoon. Write down those New Years Resolutions, make them and stick to them. This is your future, your life, your time, if wasted could belong to someone else. Claim it.

It's an opportunity to make new friends, find a new love, but most importantly, love yourself.


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