Crucifixion of confidence:Understanding mean people

image by neofotistou

Happy people are too busy being genuinely happy to spend so much time orchestrating someone else's fall from grace. Hurt people hurt people. It is complicated. People are often mean, cruel or hurtful because someone has hurt their confidence or torn shreds out of their self esteem. People who feel small will try and make you look small, they need to feel will be the instrument of choice. Unless you know in your heart that you have done something to tick this person off, infuriate them, wind them up like this, keep key things in mind.

If they are winding you up. Stop giving them so much power. Their goal is to get a reaction out of you. If they can get a reaction they can say to others "look how important i am, see how special i am." when most of the time you and them both know, if they didn't act appaulingly or tick you off you wouldnt actually give them the time of day.

Wether it's  negative behaviour patterns or positive behaviour patterns people often do things to try and get our attention.The more you ignore a nasty person, the more insignificant they feel, the more desperately they try and get your attention. From turning you into the butt of their joke to making you the topic of discussion. Why would you be so important to them? Why do they care so much? 

remain focussed eventually the people around them will get bored, even those hideously vile followers you cant stand. They will start to wonder if this person is obsessed and why they cant find a more interesting topic to talk about. Although nasty people attract more nasty people to validate their warped beliefs in time even their brigade or armada will get tired of their consistent negative energy. Simply put, these type of people are exhaustive. It may seem as though they are laughing at you, but you have no idea what they say to themselves when their alone in the dark. Run your own race, focus on keeping company with happy, positive people. We are not all saints. Yet if you find yourself around someone whom everyone else say's is this magical amazing person, but whenever their anywhere near you you feel belittled and made to feel small. Then mix with people who do want to be happy, and also, want to see you happy. In the words of a great person, "go where your loved."


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